A City in the Middle of the World.

After going to the Cayambe volcano, enjoy the beauty of its glaciers and observe how global warming affects the glacier and delight with the biscuits and leafy cheeses in the city of Cayambe, I come to the hotel to rest, I left for some food in the Plaza Foch and after that I went to sleep.

It’s early on Sunday and my next point is the Middle of the World, I wanted to get on a taxi but the courage to get there was excessive, so I decided to get on a bus called Alfa, It took me to the Main Seminary and in this place there are trolley that left me in the Ofelia station, and  Finally I get on a bus called Mitad del Mundo. The total value was 0.50 ctvs to arrive and visit the city of the Middle of the World.

There are buses that take you direct but on Sunday I never knew where to get on the direct bus, they are called Mitad del Mundo and for 0.40 ctvs of dollars they take us directly.

Once you reach the Middle of the World you can see the UNASUR building, an imposing structure that is the headquarters of the Union of South American Nations.

To enter in the city Mitad del Mundo, the value is $ 5, children, elderly and disabled $ 2.50, and all facilities can be visited without exception. The hours of operation are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm every day of the year.

After entering the first image that you have is the monument in honor of the passage of the equinoctial line, this adventure begins and there área lot to know,  then I begin with the Guayasamín Foundation Museum, one of the most important painters of Ecuador in the recent years, here are paintings from all of its states, Oswaldo Guayasamín shows us the quality of artist.

I wanted to enter the planetarium but the truth is that the line was too long, so I decided to continue my journey, I entered an interactive museum that I thought was the most attractive, referring to Ecuadorian culture from its beginnings to the present.

After this visit, it is time to go to the monument of the Middle of the World, I did not know that there were museums inside, each floor is dedicated to the different cultures of Ecuador and physics games that are related to our geographic situation in the center of the earth.

After a beautiful view from the top of the monument, I continued my journey and in that time I went to the train station, which is a replica of the train stations in Ecuador and it has its respective interactive explanation as well.

There was still to see how to place an egg on the head of a nail, there were several tables where for a value of $1, you could be put into practice this entertaining game, there are replicas of churches in the interior of the city, you can really appreciate the different places of an entertaining way, restaurants of all kinds and places that imitated the houses of different cultures of Ecuador.

t’s time to return, but not before eating a delicious fritada in the outskirts of the city Mitad del Mundo, the return if I had thinking about the time and it was 6 o’clock in the afternoon, then I realized that there were some transports direct to the Plaza Foch that for a value of $ 5 per person take us quickly and safely to Quito.

I finished my tour in Plaza Foch with nachos and a beer, I was watching the soccer game of, Barcelona SC, the most important soccer team of Ecuador.

 Finally I went to the terminal of Quitumbe where I got on the bus that it will take me home, La Hueca waits for me.

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