Baños de Ambato is a fantastic city where you can find people from all over the world, practice extreme sports and watch the most beautiful waterfalls.

To get there you can go from different places of the country, if you are in Guayaquil the bus takes 9 hours to arrive, from Quito to Baños 3 hours and 30 minutes with a value of $ 4.25 arriving at the terminal of Quitumbe. In my case I take the bus from the terminal of Santa Elena at 9 PM arriving at 8 AM almost 11 hours of travel, which delayed by the rains that were falling. The value of the ticket from Santa Elena to Baños is $14.20.

Looking for a hotel in Baños is easy, there are all the prices.  I like to stay in the terminal area so there is so much delay to take a bus that  take me to my next destination.  In this time I stayed at the Hotel Elvita, a room with a balcony for $ 15 per person, except on holidays that the price of rooms goes up in the whole city at this hotel for $ 25.

In one morning we can make several trips, the route of the waterfalls, the treehouse, travel in tarabitas, you can practice canopy and bungee jumping too. The surroundings of Banos offer hot springs, horseback riding, trekking, rafting, climbing, canyoning, swing jump, mountain biking, you have the decision. Baños is a city where you can enjoy with a few money.

Once I stayed, I wanted to get to Devil’s Cauldron, I booked a tour that cost me $ 5, although the Chiva had a lower price of $ 3, I decided to go in a small van to tour the waterfalls.

As the first point of visit I had the view of the thermoelectric of Agoyan, which to my fate it had the floodgates open, something that had not seen.

We continue advancing and when we take the secondary road you can see the waterfall called La Culebrilla, after that we observe a waterfall called the Gates of Heaven, from this waterfall we can observe the face of Jesus that it has been made in a natural way.

We continue advancing and we arrive at a point where we can practice Puenting,( it is similar that bungee jumping) Canopy or Extreme ball. In my case I did the extreme ball because I had already practiced bungee jumping and canopy.

The truth is an extreme sensation to stay in that metal ball to take off in the abyss, if you like extreme sports recommended, feel the vertigo and spin at the same time. You must come to Baños and do it.

To continue our journey we arrived at the Bride’s veil where for a value of $ 1 we can use the Tarabita that is a metal basket and that is supported by a cable and allows us to reach side of the waterfall.

Finally I got to the point where I wanted to visit, the Devil’s Cauldron. It has changed a lot since the last time that I was here but everything has been for good, you pay $ 2 to enter, the descent starts and the first thing  that you can see is a lagoon with a strong current of water that falls in its interior following the cause of the river . I continue walking and we will find two hanging bridges that we have to cross to arrive at the Devil’s Cauldron. In this lookout you can practically touch the waterfall and feel the force of the water hitting is awesome. Just by observing it. I realized the immensity of this waterfall. You can cross the back of the waterfall and wet with the water that falls and pass to the different viewpoints that there are.

I found it a great tour where you can go with family, friends or alone. Anyway, it is nice to be in this beautiful place of Ecuador. Enjoy Baños de Ambato!!!.

All this tour was in the morning, in the afternoon I have to find where else to go in my case I went to the San Martin  Zoo where you can observe different animals from this area of Ecuador, to enter you pay a value of $ 2.50. You can visit its web page for more information: To get there by taxi you pay a value of $ 2.50 from the center of Baños.



Where to eat?

There are many places to eat in Baños de Ambato, everything is according your budget. I always look for markets. In my case there were breakfasts or lunches for $ 2.5 or if we want there are natural juices too. In this place you can eat typical food at low cost.

At night I went to eat something and I found a spectacular food place where you can eat hamburgers with a value of $ 3.50 or an Argentinian choripan for $ 2. After this I went to a pub to drink a craft beer.

Other amazing place to drink a cocktail, a glass of wine, a milkshake or eat something is Luna Bar it’s a spectacular place with an amazing view of the city. You have to visit at night. You have to take a taxi in the downtown and goes to Luna Volcan and you will find this beautiful and friendly place with good prices, Let’s recommend, worth a visit


To go to Baños de Ambato you need comfortable clothes, waterproof coats and sweaters, sunscreen, sunglasses swimming suit.




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