Cadeate is a town located one hour from La Hueca (La Libertad) and five minutes from Montañita, Cadeate bears his name due to a plant leaf called Cade.

Cadeate is close to the sea, which has a beach that is visited by tourists from all over the country. Cadeate is going to be characterized by the elaboration of bread, which is prepared in ovens made of clay and baked with firewood which gives a different flavor to bread.

This bread is distributed every day to the province of Santa Elena and in the nearby areas of Manabí.

To get to Cadeate you can take a bus from the land terminal of Santa Elena can be Coactur or Manglaralto with a value of $ 1.60.

A few weeks before the Day of the Death, the Pan Fest is held, a festival where all the bakeries of Cadeate meet, they show their products and participate with figures made of bread of a large size.

I do this short trip to Cadeate with two of my sisters and my nephew, although I usually do my things alone because I don’t like to feel pressured and do things that bored me, I decided to travel with them to eat the famous bread of Cadeate.

The large amount of bread and sweets were for sale today, what surprised me was a turtle-shaped bread that had a value of $ 5 but was filled with custard and strawberry delicacy, here the diet is definitely not worth .

It seems to me an interesting proposal that helps to increase the economic movement of Cadeate, this is the third year in a row that this festival of bread has been developed which increased the visit of a large number of people who not only went to enjoy their traditional bread but also of the kindness of its people.

Definitely Cadeate and his bread is the next place you should go to visit

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