One of the most fun ways I found to travel is to do it by my own means, (I don’t like tours) I always traveled by bus and I went to the places that I had planned in advance. This trip was so different, we planned with my girlfriend to travel to the city of Cuenca and visit places that we had not known before and that’s how this plan is to travel by car and not by bus as I was usually used to.

We left at 5 o’clock in the morning with my girlfriend and her son Esau to Guayaquil It’s two-hours of trip without any inconvenience, from here we took the route that led us to Cuenca on the road to Cajas the road is in good condition except in places that are in repair by the landslides that existed because of the rains.

A quiet ride with little fog and a beautiful sun greeted us in the Cajas National Park. After a few hours of travel, we arrived at our first point the viewpoint Las Tres Cruces, this point is located in the Cajas National Park where you could see a beautiful view of the park, a small path that was surrounded by paper trees or polilepis that gave a feeling of being in a movie.

The next point within the Cajas is the Laguna La Toreadora. A place where you can take beautiful pictures with the background of the lagoon In this place you can do trekking around the lagoon you can read in another of my post what you can do in this place:

Here we took some fun pictures with my girlfriend and Esau. After enduring the cold and the wind in this place we went to eat and drink something in the restaurant of the park, a hot chocolate for the soul and two coca teas lifted our spirits and we continued on our way.

If you want to see the video of this place follow me on my YouTube channel:

Dos Chorreras.

A highly recommended place that I had not had the opportunity to visit and that I had seen on social networks was Dos Chorreras, a hacienda inn where we can stay and do different activities. Upon entering we found a large parking lot where we left our vehicle and we started touring the lodge.

In this place we will find a restaurant where we can taste various dishes at very convenient prices and a beautiful atmosphere. A few meters away we find a candy store like something out of a movie, a beautiful store where we will find all kinds of sweets.

Inside the main building of the inn and where we will find the reception, we can observe different souvenirs that we can take from our trip, Cuenca is a city of artisans where handicrafts, clothing and handmade objects take great importance.

But the most known place in social networks is the chocolate shop where we find a car full of sweets and with a beautiful decoration will make this a very cool place to take pictures or videos, we could not leave without trying one of the delicious sweets here, where sweets are the specialty of the place, milkshakes, hot chocolate or a snack of salt make it a place impossible to miss on our tour of Cuenca. And if it is too far to go to this place, in the city of Cuenca we will find a chocolate shop made with the same theme as the inn.

We arrived in Cuenca and our next point was the hotel, very close to the mother’s park and the Alejandro Serrano Aguilar stadium. From here to Calle Larga, it is a few minutes on foot. In this street we are going to find a lot of food places and discotheques. We looked for a place to eat and after this we headed to the hotel to rest for our next day’s adventure.

We got up early and went to have breakfast at the 10 de Agosto market where you will find everything for your breakfast, this time we ordered mote sucio, humitas, tigrillo and empanada de viento. A breakfast that we liked and above all left us with enough energy to continue our tour. Something that it is very important to know is that in Cuenca you can buy tickets in any nearby store to be able to park or otherwise look for a private parking lot.

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