After visiting the Cajas National Park and the Hosteria Dos Chorreras we headed towards the city of Cuenca, we rested and went out to tour the city at night, after this we went to sleep early and continued to get to know Cuenca.

After breakfast at the 10 de Agosto market with my girlfriend and her son Esau, we were surprised to be fined, as it was our first time in a car, we did not know that we had to buy a ticket that allowed us to park. As a recommendation, look for a private parking lot in Cuenca and if you leave, do it immediately because they give you a certain time to leave, otherwise you will have to pay again.

After this inconvenience we headed to the museum of Pumapungo, this museum is located very close to the historic center on Calle Larga and Huayna Capac Avenue. In this museum we will find an Inca settlement, built by Tupac Yupanqui in the area of Pumapungo which was discovered by the German Max Uhle almost a century ago.

At the entrance we were given all the instructions, this has no cost but the only requirement is to wear a mask to enter, after this we can visit all the exhibitions.

In this site we found the Borja school but currently operates the symphony of Cuenca.

Inside Pumapungo we find vestiges of how the Incas lived at that time and also terraces where they grew their crops. Something interesting to tell is that in this museum they wanted to recreate what the Incas had in this place so there is a small zoo where we will observe birds and a small lagoon with ducks.

Visiting Pumapungo and learning about our history is an experience that you will love. It is one of the most amazing museums to visit in Cuenca.

Chorro de Giron.

We continue with this trip and as the next point we have the Chorro de Giron about an hour of travel and a road in very good condition, it takes us to Giron where to get to this waterfall we must pay a toll and take the road on the right side, the left loop takes us to the Busa lagoon.

The entrance has a cost of $ 2 and they give us as a gift a candy and a glass of canelazo that we can pick it up at the exit, the waterfall has an impressive fall and you can take pictures of the waterfall. Very close to the waterfall there is a Tibetan bridge where we can walk over the abyss and see the waterfall in a more extreme way.

If you want to know more about the Chorro de Giron don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel or read my post at

A piece of Springfield in Cuenca.

It’s time for lunch and on our return, we had promised to take Esau to eat a Crusty Burger. We found in Cuenca Moe’s bar, this bar that is set in the popular series of the Simpsons is a place you cannot miss in Cuenca,so when you enter you can see a cheerful Moe passing us the phone call, the love tester machine to know how casanova we are, plus the famous Duff beer that can also be purchased here.

We can go with friends and have a few beers and have a nice time taking pictures with Moe and enjoying this place.

But something I have to recommend are the Crusty burgers, which are great burgers with an amazing taste and at a very good price from $3 to $7.5 accompanied with their fries and sauces.

After we left Moe’s bar, we headed back to the hotel to take a shower and change our clothes so we decided to visit Calle Larga which is full of restaurants, bars and nightclubs where you can enjoy yourself with friends or your partner.

Our last destination of the day was the Turi viewpoint. This is a beautiful viewpoint that allows us to see Cuenca at night. Cuenca is illuminated with its lights and that leaves us enchanted with the beauty of the city. The viewpoint has changed a lot, it has been remodeled and has been built local food, pubs with live music so it’s a good place to visit and enjoy Cuenca at night.

We only have one day left to finish this new trip. Early in the morning we got up to arrange our things so we decided to have breakfast at the hotel and from there we went to Chordeleg.

Traditional sweets at Corpus Christi Cafe.

Before leaving we passed by Corpus Café, a candy shop where they offer all kinds of traditional sweets from Cuenca where they can be purchased from 25 cents, the best sweets that can be tasted where the good attention and patience of the person who worked there allowed us to buy all the sweets that caught our attention.

After this sweet visit to Corpus Café, we went to Chordeleg.

Chordeleg is a magical town in Ecuador where you can buy all kinds of jewelry at the best prices either gold, silver and fantasy.

If you want to read more about this magical town of Ecuador, go to: Our last visit and it’s time to go back, Cuenca charmed us with all its attractions and places to have fun and eat, 6 hours return to be home.

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