Dos Mangas and its magical waterfalls

I wanted to visit Dos Mangas time ago, a picturesque town that has been characterized by the care of its environment and the entrepreneurial projects that are now carried out, such as the use of straw shawls, tagua and bamboo. In this time I started my trip with two friends Alejandro and Sonia that without planning we decided to make this trip.

We left from the terminal of Santa Elena to Manglaralto, the cost of the ticket was $ 1.75 after one hour approximately, we stayed at the crossing of Dos Mangas. Here at the intersection there are trucks that are waiting for tourists and local people to take them to the town. The truck had a cost of $ 0.50 per person if you wait for 6 passengers or $ 3 if you want to travel immediately.

Once the taxi took us to the interpretation center they gave us a talk about the site and the places that can be visited.

To arrive at Dos Mangas is to arrive at a town detained in time. Its inhabitants, who used to deforest realized that if they continued like this they would not have forests for their children. This was the beginning, people of Dos Mangas started recovering their forests, promoting their beautiful waterfalls so the tourists started to arrive and they falling in love with this beautiful place.

They indicate that we can rent some boots because the road is muddy, Alejandro and I decided to use our shoes and Sonia rented boots, with a cost of $ 0.50 ctvs. If you want you can hire a guide with a value of $ 22.50 or you can enter on your own, paying a value of $ 2. In this place we can rent horses at a value of $ 10 or in case we can not walk so much we can hire trucks that will take us deeper into the forest with a value of $ 10.

You can enter from 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. For information you can call to Soraida Tigrero Dominguez at 0997346906 – 0979938215.

  Along the way you can observe different types of trees and medicinal plants. This path is navigated by a river as we go deeper into the forest, observing the different types of trees such as the Guayacán.

One of the best experiences is to see the howler monkeys in the treetops and on the way to the waterfalls you could hear how they howled and we could feel that communion between nature and each one of us.

After two hours of walking, listening to the monkeys, seeing different types of trees and medicinal plants we reached the waterfalls where we could rest from this walk that is not difficult and can be done by people of any age. Arriving at these waterfalls is the most refreshing with its crystal clear water and the temperature of its waters relaxed us.

To arrive to Dos Mangas is to meet with the nature and enjoy a pleasant morning or evening, is to live life in its pure state and you always will want to enjoy a little more.

I hope to return soon  to Dos Mangas, it is a place that you need to return and you will recover that inner peace that everybody needs to have but in that time I will visit its natural pools located in the mountain.

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