I still lacked some beaches to go along the Spondylus route, as a starting point I chose to go to La Rinconada, which is the first beach with the limits of Santa Elena and Manabí.

La Rinconada is a small fishing village, it will be located 1hour and 30 minutes from the Santa Elena’s terminal, it is reached by taking a bus from the Manglaralto cooperative with a value of $ 2.35.

The bus leaves me on the main road of La Rinconada from there we walk for 10 minutes in a descent that made me think about the time to climb, and the truth is the climb was the most tired of this trip, 20 minutes to get to take the bus. Arriving at La Rinconada is to see a town where the time stopped, and the few existing houses welcome the tourists.

Although La Rinconada does not have an extensive beach to sunbathe or go for a walk, I find that it has a good place to practice surfing.

The day I was there, although at low tide there were good waves to surf, which has not come to La Rinconada you should visit and see the greatness of its waves.

A few minutes from La Rinconada is La Entranda, to get to this beach you will take a bus that the  cost is $ 0.50 ctvs.

At the entrance I find a monument in honor of the whales due to those visits made by the cetaceans in the cold months.

At La Entrada I found some food places where a lunch is worth $ 3 and the truth the lunch that it was being prepared, it looked very good I drank a glass of blackberry juice at a value of $ 0.50 after that I started a walk that I did not think I would do on that day.

La Entrada and the nearby beaches are characterized by the most important things, its most extensive beaches and the best houses that you can find on the beach.

My walk started and then I found a place called Bototito, a small sector that is inhabited by the Beltran Santos family since 1950.

Then, In this place known as San Francisco de las Núñez, a community where its beaches and waves invite you to surf, you can rest in its new pier and enjoy the sun.

Then there is the commune of San José on its beautiful beach, I met  to Diego a seller of ceviche in a wheelbarrow that had as a peculiarity that his wheelbarrow was towed by his motorcycle on the beach. With a value of $ 7, you can eat a great ceviche with shrimp, fish, shell and octopus. If you wish, call him and ask by Diego his number is 0939300392, say that you are recommended by La HuecaTrips.

Finally, one of the most beautiful beaches that I have ever seen in the northern area of Santa Elena, its wide beaches and tranquility make one come and rest all the day.

Here I found a cottage that sells cocktails from $ 3, restaurants selling seafood, you can rest on the beach after that long walk it makes one feel relaxed. After resting and drinking a beer I head to my last beach, Olón, which I had already spoken in a previous post but who also leads us to relax and have fun in these beautiful beaches that are not visited by many but need to be discovered.

What to bring: glasses, hat, sunscreen and swimsuit.

Where to stay: there are many places to stay in the north area you have to search the price that fits your budget.

What to eat: well, the best of the Ecuadorian coast is the seafood, there is no way to miss this delicious food.

How to get there: the buses that arrive to the rinconada are called Manglaralto if you want to go to Manta in Manabi take them, mobilizing between the towns has a value of $ 0.50 ctvs

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