This adventure is almost over and I am in Quito. I have few days left to finish my week-long trip from Ipiales to this city by bus.

Before returning to Guayaquil and later to Salinas in the province of Santa Elena. I could not stop touring Quito at night.

During my trip, I listened to the news and observed on social networks comments from the person infected with Covid in Babahoyo.

It had been the origin of the spread of the pandemic in Ecuador; so I was always aware of the advances that the disease had.

The Ronda Street.

Many times I have been in the capital of Ecuador, but this time I wanted to visit it at night.

My first arrival point was the Ronda. One of the most emblematic streets of Quito. It is not only one of the oldest; this street is characterized for having been the cradle of poets, writers and painters in the 1930s. Today we find restaurants, discos and places to admire art

The Ronda sector is located on Juan de Dios Morales Street, Venezuela, Guayaquil and Maldonado between the Peace Bridge and the new Morales Street Bridge.

One of the things I wanted to try was the famous wind empanada.

I really didn’t know how big it was because I had only seen it in photos, but I was really surprised “it was giant”.

Tasting this delicious appetizer plus the cold of the capital provokes a hot drink and ask for the canelazo; which is a drink made with cinnamon and brandy.

I think my night could not be better, in the place that I was, which was a pub with live music; traditional Ecuadorian music was played.

My biggest surprise was a Manabita group called Los Inocencios Batucada. A great group that delighted with their drums. the capital night.

The Panecillo.

I was missing one more place to visit, the Panecillo that with its spectacular view of the city makes Quito catch us with its charms.

The intense cold makes local and foreign tourists taste the famous canelazo. It is made in this place with different styles. A very cool way to end the night in the capital of Ecuador.

This trip was different, a virus that was attacking all over the world and it had arrived in Ecuador.

I was heard in the COVID-19 news, it had arranged to close all entrances to the country, both by air and land.

My times were not enough to return by bus so I decided to take a plane before the airports closed. It was a strange feeling to see many foreigners traveling to the Galapagos but with their masks on.

I always thought about how they had gotten used to wearing masks without problems; but I never thought that this would be the beginning of a new reality.

Once I arrived in Guayaquil, things were different. The Municipality had closed the places of mass attendance and the food places closed, people at that time did not realize the magnitude of this disease.

I came across a quiet Guayaquil which it was weird for a Saturday night.

I sat on the balcony of the hotel where all they guest were mostly Europeans and that fear that you could feel when they approached. Definetly your mind play with you.

A city that was beginning its quarantine; a beer while I was looking at the few cars that circulated. And my desire for the dawn to return home.

None of the cities of our country will be the same again. The danger of this pandemic stalked all Ecuadorians. Returning home and knowing that we would enter a quarantine was not only the beginning of a different life but it was the beginning of a reality that we all feared.

The different economic sectors of Ecuador affected the quality of life of each of us. You can no longer go out freely, you can no longer visit your family as before; you can no longer travel and enjoy each of the landscapes that the country of the four worlds offers.

In reality, the pandemic changed our lives.

Now, the world has to wait, travels will return. I look forward to my next trip that it will have to be lived in a different way.

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