Imbabura also known as the Province of the Lakes, in this occasion I am going to visit some of them. Imbabura has 28 lakes that delight to own and strangers these natural charms are the beauty of this great province.

San Pablo Lake

 The first lake to visit is Lake San Pablo a few minutes from Otavalo to reach this place I made the following tour. In the terminal of Otavalo for only $0.35 ctvs I took a busto the lagoon and after 30 minutes of trip  I arrived to the San Pablo Lake.

After that I found out that there are two places where you can stay. If you have a high budget you can go to the Hosteria Cabañas del Lago and stay in this beautiful place, enjoy the lake and the facilities they offer.

But if you have a budget like me the best option is the water park on the shores of Lake San Pablo, this has no cost, the entrance can be used its facilities, there is a park for children, you can eat at a restaurant that is within the park and if you want to ride a boat on the lake you can do it too, lasts about 15 min and costs $ 2.

To know a little of this lake, it has an area of 7km2 is at 2660 meters above sea level and the center of the lake has a depth of 48 meters. A beautiful place to take pictures, observe the Taita Imbabura and have a very close encounter with nature.

Before leaving Ibarra you will decide to visit the Yaguargocha Lagoon.

It is very close to the city in less than 10 minutes in a taxi you only pay the value of $ 3. The use of the taximeter is an obligation in this province, so the values ​​are approximate.

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Yaguarcocha Lagoon.

Yaguarcocha is a Quichua word and means “lake of blood”.

Its name derived after a battle between the Incas and the Caranquis, where the Incas won and they slaughtered all the survivors of this war and they  threw the bodies into the lake and this bodies automatically dyed red with blood.

To know a little of its history, this lagoon is around 12000 years old and has a perimeter of approximately 10 kilometers and the story tells that there are still unexplored areas

I took the taxi in the center of Ibarra and  after I had breakfast at Olor a Café, an excellent place in the center of the city with an old atmosphere that made me go back in time, they have a variety of breakfast dishes that definitely make me start my day recharged of energy and enthusiasm. If you want an amazing coffee in the afternoon and share with your friends, you definitely have to visit this place in Ibarra.

I had not imagined what this place was like because it was formerly a racetrack and it was around the lake. Nowadays the racetrack does not work anymore, the track is smaller and only serves for local buses and cars , in the lake we are going to find boats that can be rented to sail on the lake.


I recommend to wear comfortable sports shoes, sunglasses, warm clothes, hat, and sunscreen. You need to have all the desire to walk and have fun.

I missed a lagoon to visit, the Quicocha lagoon but it is the perfect excuse to return to this beautiful province that charms us with its beautiful landscapes; Imbabura is one of the provinces that I have loved the most to visit, for its landscapes and its friendly people it is more than sure That I will return many more times.

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