La Hueca Food and The Flavors of Ecuador.

One of the greatest reasons totravel is to meet people, customs and especially the food in my first post about La Hueca foods, I talk about seafood that are sold in the Peninsula of Santa Elena, there are many places to visit and delight this amazing food but the most Representative To eat in the northern part of Santa Elena is a towncalled Libertador Bolivar where its landscape and  food catch the most demanding palates.

Here, I tasted a dish called pescado a la abuela, a delicious fish fillet with squid and shrimp and adelicious seafood sauce, a dish worthy of returning to continue tasting.

We continue to advance and who has not eaten a ceviche in the Montañita’s trolleys doesn’t know what is a good ceviche, for a value of $ 7 this ceviche is a mix of seafood, it’s made with fish, shell, shrimp, octopus and squid.

Montañita is a place of fun but it’s a place to eat well too, due to the large number of foreigners who settled on this town You can taste Argentine pizzas, choripanes, craft beer or cocktails. There is food from around the world.  A melting pot of flavors that attract the most demanding palates.

If you go a little further, we find Puerto Lopez in the province of Manabí, here in this fishing village youcan eat all kinds of food based in seafood, in this town you can visit thewhales that come form arctic to copulate in his warm waters.

The Ecuadorian coast is characterized by its delicious food especially by the seafood, fresh products that we can taste and feel the taste of the sea in our mouth.

Moving from the coast to the Ecuadorian highlands is a change that is worth both geography and food.

I arrived to Otavalo in the province of Imbabura and one of my first visits to each site that I meet are the markets, the dish of hornado of pork with a value of $ 3, this dish is served with mote, roasted corn and an onion and tomato sauce.

A Breakfast in Otavalo are made up of coffee, milk, or juice and you can choose between empanadas, flour tortillas or bread. A breakfast has a value of $ 1.75 the cheapest I have found in my travels.

The highlands in Ecuador there are a lot a food and you can enjoy and meet this beautiful country called Ecuador.

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