Quito¨The face of God¨ It is located  416 km from Guayaquil. The capital of Ecuador. A city where we can find people from around the world, fun, culture and gastronomy.

Back to Quito is to meet new things, I had been in the “little face of God” many times but in this time I wanted to do different things, and in the short time that I was, I couldn’t do what I expected, I hope that for the next visit I will continue to know this Quito that makes winning the heart of own and strangers.

After eight hours of travel the bus left me at the Carcelen terminal. Then I took a taxi for not knowing how to get to the Amazonas Avenue, I charged $ 7.  The hostel had closed and I looked for another one, I found a hostal at a value of $ 15 per night, the proximity of Plaza Foch, the Santa Clara’s market and the whereabouts of the Trole bus make this hostal a great place to stay and rest.

Quito is a very beautiful city, we need more than a few pictures to show its beauty, so I will tell you about some sites that you can know when you visit the little face of God.

Quito received me with some rain and I had to stay in the hotel when the rain calmed, I went to the historic center, I read about a free concert of sacred music that it was given in the Metropolitan Cathedral by the Spanish group Arsatlantica, It was a beautiful concert given in the Churches Of Quito for the Easter season.

The day that I visited the Carondelet Palace which incidentally admission is free, you have to line up on one side of Carondelet palace with an ID to entered.

As I already knew the sector for an earlier trip I went to look for the Santa Clara’s market, in this market you can eat by a low price different kind of local foods.

After this I went to the historic center, on Sundays is closed to vehicles and is only pedestrian, I found everything from the historic center from handicrafts to street artists, it was a good time to visit the different churches and walk on foot for the Best historical center of South America.

You can go up to the Basilica del Voto Nacional to the highest part of the tower. You pay a dollar to climb.

In the evening you can not miss to visit the Plaza Foch, a touristic place where you can enjoy the differents discos, restaurants and drink a craft beer. In my case I was drinking a craft beer at Camino del Sol, a nice place where you can drink your beer in different sizes, you can also order to eat fast food. People who attend you are very kind.  Definitely I need to drink a craft beer again in Camino del Sol.

The next place that I visited was Quito Pub Beer, I had visited it before and I really was not disappointed with a high quality beer and the great pizza that they prepare which is a delight, I recommend this place when you visit the Plaza Foch. 

My Recommendation: enjoy the Quito nocturnal life.

What to bring:

Quito is a very changing city, In Quito can make sun and rain after a few minutes the best thing to keep in mind is to carry a waterproof coat or umbrella, sun block, glasses, a good camera, shoes to walk and enjoy Quito. 

What to eat:

Quito is a city that offers all kinds of meals and for all budgets, It is a matter of looking for what are your tastes and enjoy a great food. In my next post I will write about the best food that you need to taste in Quito.


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