Santa Ana’s Hill and its 444 stairs

To speak of one of the iconic places of Guayaquil, I have to remember the Santa Ana hill, to reach the hill and its multi-colored houses we must go to the Malecon 2000 and at the end of the malecon we will find some stairs that will take us, towards the right side Numa Pompilio street It is a cobbled street with its old houses that give birth to Las Peñas neighborhood, the first neighborhood of Guayaquil with more than 400 years old, its origins date back to the 17th century.

Guayaquil suffered many fires that consumed the houses that once existed here, these fires had devastated all of Guayaquil twice and the houses that currently exist in Las Peñas are built at the beginning of the 20th century.

Many famous people lived in the Peñas from Ecuador and the world, in relation to the politics of Carlos Arroyo del Rio, Jose Luis Tamayo, Carlos Julio Arosemena and Eloy Alfaro.

In its stones pavement passed writers, historians, musicians like Antonio Neumane creator of the music of the National Anthem of Ecuador.

At international level came the revolutionary Ernesto ¨Che¨ Guevara who came to help the residents of the sector as a doctor, Ernest Heminway American writer and the Chilean poet Neftali Reyes better known as Pablo Neruda.

Walking through Las Peñas is to travel in time, it’s to walk those stones pavement, enjoy their houses, believe that the world has stopped and you can live again.

Towards the left side we walk to the steps of the hill we will start from the 001 steps to 444 steps that we have to climb until we reach the top of the hill.

The route will depend on your physical condition but the most advisable is to go with a bottle of water and go resting along the hill climb. This rise of multi-colored houses where the informal atmosphere makes us one of the inhabitants of this place, along the rise to the hill we find bars, restaurants, souvenirs shops that operate during the day and night in the sector.

When we reach the 444 stairway, we will arrive at an esplanade where we will find a chapel, a lighthouse  and a statue of Juan Pueblo, a caricature representing the people of Guayaquil.

I Climbed to the lighthouse and I could see Guayaquil in all its glory I realize how beautiful the city is,  and its constant changes, a city that refuses to sleep and grows day by day, that Guayaquil is an undiscovered pearl, a city that the world needs to discover and that once you arrive you will refuse to leave or forget it, this is Guayaquil of my loves that earns our hearts.


Before talking about the Santa Ana hill I wanted to go through the Seminario Park or known as the Parque de las Iguanas, a park where the time stopped with its stone floor, monuments and trees, You can observe the famous iguanas throughout the park , both in the trees and in the gardens, see the iguanas posing for tourists and create a unique landscape between man and the nature, observe how the nature coexists without causing harm, as this piece of nature gives a cry out to be observed between so much cement that surrounds it.


How to get there: this unusual park is located on Avenue Chimborazo and Clemente Ballén street. very close to the 2000 boardwalk.

What to bring: Sports shoes, comfortable clothes, glasses and camera.

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