Santay Island is a beautiful placed located in Duran. Duran is  a city very close of Guayaquil. If we want to arrive to Santay Island we can do it in two ways: From Guayaquil or Duran.

I decided to go since Guayaquil, we can arrive to this place through the metrovia that it’s the cheapest way to go,by taxi or by your own car. You can find parking in this place, it is a safe place where you can find people who take care your car. The address is El Oro St. and La Ría or a factory called Molinera that is a reference place.

This trip started with my friend Carolina.  We booked with our ID at the entrance and we started this walk to the Santay Island.

If you want to go to Santay Island we can do it by foot (our option) by bike or by boat that you could take in the malecon 2000 at 10 Am.

This bridge is built through the Guayas River, we walked for 20 minutes. It has a long of 900 mts. We took photos of Guayaquil and beautiful places that we had seen before.

We had arrived to the island  and we started to walk, all the way was covered with mangrove swamp. In this road we saw a mangrove swamp that surprise a lot us.  It had called the mangrove swamp that walk. Its name is because their branches look like they are walking.

We continued our walk and we found a place where we can rest for a few minutes, we bought two slushes that help us to be fresh and started our walk again.

Carolina and me had tought that it would be a short walk but the distance was for 2.8 km and the time of walk was for 1hour and 30 minutes after that we arrived to ecological town called Ecovillage.

In this great place called Ecovillage we saw solar panels that give electricity to all houses. They have a school for the kids of the town.  This is a great help to the environment and it help to kids to have a conscious with their environment.

From the Ecoaldea to the dump is 10 minutes by walk.  In this place we found 12 crocodiles that they are from Esmeraldas. This place has helped to increase the tourism in the Ecoaldea.

After that we had finished our visit to the dump we were ready to come back to Guayaquil.  We decided to return by boat. In the Ecoaldea they had boats that left every 20 minutos and you only have top pay $2 and after 5 minutes we arrived to the entrance of the bridge in Guayaquil.

Finally, Santay is a great place that we need to visit with our family or friends . If you decided to visit Santay Island you have to bring sneakers, sport clothes, sunblock, cap, sunglasess. Iwant to thank to Carolina to share her time in this trip with me and I hope that we lets have more adventours together.

Enjoy Santay where you and the nature become one.

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