A long time ago I was curious about the 7 Naranjal waterfalls, a route that I had heard a lot about and that I already asked myself, this time I received an invitation from my sister and my brother-in-law to go together with my girlfriend to see the 7 Naranjal waterfalls.

These waterfalls are located on the Hayas hill, declared a protective hill in 1969. It has an area of 600 hectares and belongs to the Guayas province.

To get to these waterfalls we leave from Guayaquil to go to the Naranjal – Machala Road at km 4, this is 1 hour and a half away.

Once we get to Naranjal we ask how to get to the waterfalls and leaving the city at about 500 meters you will find a sign and a detour where you can enter a gravel road in good condition and after about 5 minutes you will reach our destiny.

If we don’t have a car, we can take a bus from the Guayaquil land terminal to take us to Naranjal. And from here go by taxi to the waterfalls because there are no cars that enter us from the main highway.

Getting to the town from where this tour begins is very easy and above all it is a community that is well organized because at the time of entering, we register with our identity card and a value of $ 3 is canceled for entry, in the town there are bathrooms with free showers and a big parking lot for visitors.

We started our tour and our first point was 5 minutes walking where they asked us to open our backpacks to check that there is nothing prohibited to enter after that we started our walk.

Half an hour on the way and crossing some streams we reached the first waterfall, a beautiful waterfall that already invited us to bathe inside it. After the first waterfall, the route was very fast, it is practically a matter of following the path that has stairs and ropes that allow us to go up little by little until we reach the next waterfall.

The route has streams and small ponds that have fish and you can listen the birds. It makes a place where you can be in complete relaxation.

One of the waterfalls that most caught my attention was the fifth waterfall because it was the highest and the deepest where one could bathe.

Throughout our tour we met the community boys who took care of the tourists and carried all the first aid kits in case of an accident.

From the fifth waterfall the climb is a little more difficult for children and adults, but with the help of the ropes it makes the climb not so complicated. After climbing the ropes and reaching where we thought was the last waterfall, we took a refreshing bath in its cold waters. We realized that there were more ropes and the path was still missing 2 more waterfalls. We finally reached the last waterfall which made this adventure of the 7 waterfalls end and we enjoyed this tour very much.

On the way back, the road is easier before reaching the fifth waterfall there is a detour that makes our way faster and in a short time, we are almost reaching the end of the route.

At the end of the road, we found Mi Ksita, a restaurant where the food was spectacular, the smoked ribs more than recommended at a cost of $ 5 per plate, the jar of passion fruit juice and the ripe plantains with cheese was spectacular, just they serve weekends.

Our tour ends and we ask for the documentation that we had left when entering, it is time to return to Guayaquil an adventure that we enjoy a lot and, on our way, back we think about what the next destination will be.


Bring a bathing suit to enjoy a bath in any of the waterfalls.

Photo camera or cell phone.

Sports shoes.

Additional clothing.

Enjoy this video on my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/JE8QvEzcL7s

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