I had been on the beaches of the south of Manabí before, but this time I decided to visit some of the beaches that I had always been curious about and that I only saw pass by on my journey.

In this trip, I traveled with my girlfriend Gabriela and her son Esau to see the beaches that we had not been before.

We drove to the northern part of the Santa Elena Peninsula, and as a first point we stopped to have some corn tortillas with coffee in Sn Pablo for breakfast, you will find this place before turning right at the end of the detour to San Pablo. This breakfast was definitely delicious and cheap $1 for a corn tortilla that can be made with cheese or pork with a cup of coffee.

Now, we continued our journey and went through all the coastal towns of Santa Elena until we reached La Rinconada, the last town in the province and the beginning of the beautiful province of Manabí.

Our first beach was Ayampe. An hour and a half away, we arrived at this beautiful beach that we had already visited before, but in a time of surge and the beach was full of stones. On this occasion, with a wide beach, a spectacular sun, you can appreciate how beautiful this place is and all the places to rest make Ayampe a place to return to again and again.

After a few minutes from Ayampe we found Las Tunas and Puerto Rico, these beaches are very close to each other that in our confusion we arrived in the middle of the two at a place called October 12.

People of this place know them by this name, a sign encouraged us to protect the nests of the turtles and that they must be taken care of and not catch any turtle that has just been born. These two beaches are wide and long, although the sea is somewhat choppy, if you like wide beaches for yourself, then this is the place for you.

We have to know that these beaches are very close and the places to enter are not correctly signposted and we must see where to enter.

As we continued with our adventure, and on the way to Salango we found an entrance that invited us to the Salango viewpoint, we thought to go up so when we reached the top, we realized the beautiful landscape that Manabí has and from this site you could admire the entire Salango beach and its surroundings.

A few minutes from the viewpoint is Salango. It’s an ancient town of the Ecuadorian coast where you can do different activities such as snorkeling, whale watching (June to November) and enjoy its beach. We found the museum which was closed when we arrived.

I definitely loved the tranquility of the Salango waters and the few people on the beach, a place to visit with the family.

We were looking for Playa Dorada but we couldn’t find it. I hope next time I can get to know this paradisiacal beach.

We arrived at Puerto López approximately 2 hours and a half from Santa Elena, and I find an extremely long and wide boardwalk, many tourists, as it has been the Easter holiday, there were tourists from all over Ecuador.

This beach is very quiet and definitely enjoy some cocktails or beers by the sea with your partner or enjoy it with friends and family.

Manabí and its beautiful beaches are for all, enjoy its tranquility and have a time of relaxation and connection with nature. It’s time to go back and I say goodbye to this short but beautiful trip that led us to discover beaches unknown to us.

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