Cuenca is the third biggest city of Ecuador, It is also called Santa Ana of the 4 rivers of Cuenca, It is considered as cultural heritage of Humanity. This colonial city catch us with its natural, cultural and architectural tourist charms. I decided to go to a place known as El Chorro de Girón a waterfall located in the canton of the same name declared as Cultural Heritage of the Nation in 2006.

To get to this waterfall from the city, first,  you must go to the land terminal of Cuenca where you take a bus to the city of Girón , with an approximate journey of 1h 30min you got to  this place and the value of the ticket is $ 1.

In Girón there are taxis or double cab vans that take you to the waterfall, this has a value of $ 5.

Once we arrive at Chorro del Girón the taxi leaves me near the entrance to the aforementioned attraction, here we will find parking for cars and a restaurant.

To enter to the path that will take us to the waterfall you must Pay  $ 1.50.

The tour begins and after about 15 minutes walking you start to hear the fascinating sound of the waterfall, its path is very easy, you do not need to have a great physical condition to be able to reach this waterfall that has a height of 70 meters that when its water fall down forms a pond.

It is important to mention that before reaching the waterfall, a few meters away we can find the Tibetan bridge, which is a suspension bridge in which you are seized with a harness and the mission if you decide to accept it is to cross the bridge back and forth, the value is $ 3 and if you go with a partner $ 5 for both.

One of the best experiences is to reach the waterfall pond where you can take photos of this incredible waterfall, But you have to be prepared because the breeze of the falling water will inevitably get you a little wet, but it is the best part of this visit. If you want you can continue the path that leads to a viewpoint where we have a spectacular view of the well-known Chorro de Girón.

On the way back I decide to take the alternate path which it takes me to a swing that for $ 3, you can feel the adrenaline of floating in the air. The canopy could not be appreciated because of the weather but they told me that it has a value of $ 10 per trip.

A unique experience that you can done when you visit El Chorro de Girón, it is time to return to Cuenca and I got to think about how to return, because if you do not have your own vehicle you will have to wait for a taxi, it is a long waiting.  Luckily a couple was waiting a long time before, so they offered to share the taxi to Girón with me. The afternoon falls and I decided to lunch in this city, I have to go to Cuenca so I take the bus back with my mind relaxed and happy to have discovered another place in this beautiful Ecuador.

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