The Spondylus Route and its best beaches.


Salinas is 7 minutes from La Libertad (La Hueca). Salinas is considered the most important beach in Ecuador with a large number of hotels for all types of tourists. In Salinas we will find all kinds of  national and international food but mainly the seafood that is what characterizes every city on the coast.

To arrive to Salinas, La Libertad or Santa Elena by bus from Guayaquil or Quito you can look for buses that lead directly such Liberpesa, Cica, CLP or if you are in Quito Trans Esmeraldas. when you arrive at the land terminal of Santa Elena, You can take a bus  to salinas with a passage of 0.30 Ctvs of dollar or a taxi if your budget is enough.

In Salinas we will find different beaches such as:

Chipipe which is the most wide and quiet beach because it has almost no waves and is recommended for children, Chipipe is located next to the Salinas Yacht club.

Las Palmeras located at the end of the pier, this beach is named for the large number of palm trees that exist and people like because is larger and the  different activities that are performed in this place.

San Lorenzo or also called el barco hundido, is a beach for surfers if you like good waves here is the place to go surfing.

Mar Bravo, is located 5 minutes from Salinas, it’s a beach with lots of waves for bodyboarding or surfing on the side of the pier or under the Punta Carnero Hotel, it’s a little dangerous due to the large amount of swirls and the marine current Which is very strong, Mar Bravo is a beach for people with swimming experience.

In this same area we find the Salt Wells of Ecuasal a place that in recent years has been characterized by the large number of migratory and endemic birds in the sector, beautiful pink flamingos come in to feed in these wells . Here we can see some beautiful sunsets people love to watch.

La Chocolatera is located in la Base Naval of Salinas, at the end of the boardwalk of Chipipe at the entrance you only have to leave a document  if you go by car, here we can go by bike and make the tour until the chocolatera, you only need to follow the signs until La Chocolatera or the Hill where you practice downhill.

La Chocolatera Is the most prominent point of South America, it is so named because the waves burst into caves forming foam and steam giving the appearance of a cup of chocolate. Here we will find a lighthouse. We follow the route by an ecological road that has been created where we can get to the beach of La FAE, this is a beach for surfers because of the great amount of strong currents that there are here. In this sector of the beach of la FAE we can find a colony of sea lions that have made their habitat in the rocks that are in the sector.

In salinas we can find a rich gastronomy that is based on seafood, at night the discos will be the ones that ignite the party in Salinas.

La Libertad (La Hueca).

La Libertad is the economic capital of La peninsula of Santa Elena, where we will find banks, stores and restaurants, La Libertad has been characterized for being a city that has lived from fishing, actually fishermen still offload fishing on the beach of La Libertad, it is a Spectacle to see the boats and the birds flying at low altitude for their part of the fishing. The jetty of La Libertad is approximately a kilometer of large, here we can see the viewpoint of La caleta where we can appreciate the whole beach of La Libertad. To get to La libertad we can take a bus from the land terminal of Santa Elena to La Libertad that will charge us 0.30 ctvs of dollar.


The main beach of Santa Elena, is located  only 5 km from the center of Santa Elena and  a few minutes from the Land Terminal, 10 minutes on foot.

Ballenita is called with this name because from here it is possible to see the whales for mating, Ballenita has been a fishing village and touristic place because it enjoys a large beach, you can  find a place  where sell seafood that is visited by tourists.


We continue our journey to the north of the Peninsula of Santa Elena to see the best beaches of the Spondylus Route.



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