The Spondylus Route and its Colorful Murals.

One of the attractions of the northern area of ​​Santa Elena are its beaches, but these beaches not only make it attractive to visit.

I had heard of some murals that had been created by local and international artists so I decided to go and look for these works that have been shown on the walls of these towns that we found on the Spondylus route. I leave the terminal of Santa Elena and I went to the north,  almost with the limits of the province of Manabí to a town called La Entrada.

La Entrada has a beautiful beach and its houses with these beautiful murals make this town  admired by all. Here we can go to eat a dessert in the Dulces de Benito. Later, I will  talk about this place that is an obligation to stop by the Spondylus route.

The next stop is Montañita which with its murals are the most visited by national and foreign tourists, these murals that are already a tradition and they are recognized as part of Montañita that we have visited.

Finally I arrived to Valdivia a town that is characterized by its culture, being the oldest in America for its vestiges that have been found, murals have been made to recover that ancestral culture that for so many years has been forgotten and its population wants to recover again.

In Valdivia you can find the Museum of Valdivia, which is an In Situ museum, and the Calaveras Museum.

The Calaveras museum was created by Don José. You have to pay $ 1 to enter to this museum and Don José gives an explanation of all the pieces that we find here.

Don José told me that he started buying archaeological remains. If he didn’t buy any piece he would go to dig and sell these pieces.

 Years later his activity started to be ilegal. Don Jose sold their best pieces to foreigners,  after that he had sold their best pieces, he started to think what he can do with the pieces that he could not sell, so  he started his museum. He called Museum of the Skulls because He possessed a large number of skulls, but  people have stolen a lot of them.

A visit that will please a lot in this route of colors, fun and culture. Placesthat we must keep in mind in our next visit to the Spondylus route.

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