Although everyone knows Montañita as the place where the fun never ends and its waves invite us to be part of the nature that surrounds us.

We move further north of Montañita and we find a town called La Entrada where its colorful murals take us to be delighted of this small town.

But La Entrada shows us one of its most hidden secrets, a candy store  where you can buy cakes, cookies, bread, cheesecakes or brownies. His owner is Benito Pincay, who create this great place in the way to Manabí.

Although I came to try their sweets, they are well known throughout the country, a person who had just stopped to buy at the store recommended me to try their pasteles,I bought one and I was amazed because it had a spectacular taste at only $ 0.80 cents per unit.

 In addition, I ate a dessert called esponjoso de piña that reminded me a similar dessert that my mom used to make. This cake made me have very good memories. It had the same flavor, I really enjoy it. Its cost $ 2.50.

All sweets had a value between $ 2.50 and $ 3. Dulces de Benito is so well known that it has stores in Salinas, Puerto López, Montañita, in Ballenita near the land terminal of Santa Elena and Urdesa in Guayaquil.

I continued my journey and my next stop is Montañita, where I will definitely have to write a post dedicated to where to eat in this charming place for the amount of places that offer us dishes at very good prices, but if you want a good craft beer, you have to visit Lido Beach Grill. It offers an APA with a light refreshing passion fruit flavor that is the best in hot weather.

After that, I continued my trip to Manglaralto, a town that has stopped in time with a beautiful beach, but my attention was caught for a place called La Esquina de Doma, I ordered a seafood rice where the combination of seafood was perfect, an explosion of flavors that makes you want to come back for more.

My recommendation:  the shrimp. They are tasty, with a good texture and above all an impeccable freshness, the chef of this place has been careful in that her dishes are the best. The dishes as they are seen on the menu or in the local advertising are served. With an excellent quality – price ratio, its dishes are the best that you can buy in Manglaralto. If you want to visit this place,It open on holidays and weekends from 9 AM to 9 PM.

I followed this route and I arrived to Libertador Bolívar, a town that is characterized by its crafts and the large amount of local food that there are in this place. They make varieties of dishes based on seafood.

There are many Huecas (Places of food) where we can eat a seafood dish that we love, but above all is to discover these ancestral huecas that await us on the Spondylus route.

Check my video about The Spondylus Route and its hidden flavors in subscribe it!!!

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