Tulcán is a province located in the north of Ecuador and it is bordering on Colombia. As a point of reference to reach this city is the capital of Ecuador – Quito, with a distance of 4 hours by bus and a value of $ 6.30, I arrived to Tulcán where I was preparing me to start this new adventure.

I arrived at the Lumar hotel with a value of $ 23 per night including taxes + breakfast, a hotel located in the center of Tulcán, this is a great  place to sleep and rest, I recommend it.

After I left my things at the hotel I got on a taxi that took me to the Tulcán Cemetery, you only have to pay$ 1.25.

The Tulcán cemetery is a beautiful place, this is a really work of art that started to be built from 1936 with his first work called “Camino al Cielo” located on the left front of the cemetery. According the position of the gardens, it has been called “Altar de Dios ”And on its back we have the“ Parque de los Recuerdos ”created in 1987. The Tulcán Cemetery was declared a Cultural Heritage of Ecuador in 1984.

These green sculptures are made from a bush called Cypress, they have different styles such as Greek, Egyptian, Inca, Arabic, animals and other shapes. We find arches, Gothic columns, among many more. These bushes are pruned every 4 months and the bushes need to have 10 years old to star to begin the new shapes. to create a green sculpture from 10 years of age they begin to give the artistic form.

My recommendations before to visit this beautiful place are that we must wear comfortable shoes, a coat, the temperature of Tulcan is approximately 10 o C, hat, glasses, camera or your cell phone. The cemetery is open  from 7 in the morning until 8 at night.

When I arrived at the José María Azael cemetery in Tulcán I was exciting because I wanted to know one of the most beautiful places of Ecuador, you don’t feel tired to walk and see how each of its sculptures attracts more your attention. Something that was weird for me was that the cemetery is visited by many young people to talk on the grass or people in love meet in this place to walk in its halls full of bushes, I think they do not see this place as a cemetery, this is a park where they can go to relax and have a good time.

Delighted to return to this beautiful cemetery in Tulcán, I prepared to return to the hotel to rest, tomorrow I’m going to record in Colombia. Tulcán and its beautiful cemetery is a place that you must visit once in your life, this cemetery will be one of my favorite places of Ecuador. you can’t forget to visit this extraordinary place if you visit the province of Carchi.

If you want to watch my video search in YouTube: https://youtu.be/H5WsCO1Ph7Q follow me.

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